Wadulisi Woman x Mt. Zion Moonlight Candle Holder

Wadulisi Woman x Mt. Zion Moonlight Candle Holder


Candle holder carved to mirror the shape of crystal to bring in the element of fire into your sacred spaces, within and without. The moons on this piece inspire to light up your intuitive impulses and desires burning within, that arise when we create sacred space. This piece will include 3 tea lights to get you started.

These pieces were born from a love of ritual: a simple, grounded practice of cultivating presence in everyday life; a practice that can shift your entire way of being by bringing the spirit into harmony. 

Each piece is designed with intention and holds a special medicinal aspect to bring forward in your sacred spaces. Our trees hold ancient wisdom and are symbols of immense strength and protection. The trees chosen for this collection are the courage invoking Black Walnut, and nurturing, healing Cedar, symbols of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Our wood is locally and sustainably harvested, giving each tree a another life with a intentional purpose. The symbols burned in the wood activate another level of healing. A rose for unconditional love towards self and other, or a celestial landscape to serve as a reminder to honor your intuitive gifts. Every piece is made by hand, one-at-a-time, with careful attention and love. These pieces are made to be loved and to be passed on for years to come, continuously creating peace, presence, and harmony, within and without for many generations. 

Black Walnut is associated with the element of fire and the sun. Walnuts strengthen the courage in our hearts, help us to gather energy for new projects, and assists in removing unwanted energies within our bodies and spirits with it’s highly protective qualities. In many folklore stories walnut has been used as a sacred container to hold small, precious things, keeping them safe and protected. 

Cedar is also associated with fire, but also the Divine Feminine. It is a highly nurturing medical tree that offers love, healing, creation, and protection. Cedar can help us to reconnect with our spirits and the Divine Feminine It has been traditionally used as a symbol for generosity and the mother archetype. 

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