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When I started Mt Zion, it was two things - a love of design and a love of real things, sustainable things, even precious if brave things.

Now I focus on furniture, kitchen and home goods with the occasional illustration, design or label. This lets me focus on making things ethical - free of chemicals, with great sourcing and local suppliers. I can also share my love of furniture that can last for generations while working with some of the most amazing clients I've ever met. 

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Custom Built Furniture

Live edge slabs, coffee tables, hairpin legs, and more. I take a lot of inspiration from the tree itself - how has it grown. 



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Andrew Brant

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I moved to Chicago with some time in Italy to study art, design and philosophy.  On top of the usual odd jobs, I worked for some time as a newspaper as an illustrator and with the decline of the printed newspaper I opened my own print shop in 2007.  


After that I have divided my time between Brooklyn and Northern California, making furniture for myself and for commission. It didn't start out that way - after years in the furniture industry part time, I found myself in an empty apartment for months. I just started making furniture for myself that I needed, and people asked if they could buy it. I've used this collaboration as fuel for my hobby and my passion, now in San Francisco, for years. 


242 Tingley St
San Francisco, Ca 94112

816 507 7944

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