Mt Zion - Andrew Brant


Woodworking + Illustration in California

Intentionally made and sustainable creations for the Home + Spirit

Ceremonial Bowls for Sale

Hand turned bowls made one at a time out of very special, unique woods for spiritual practice, decor or kitchen.

I know not everyone is ready for a big furniture commission or even wondering how that could happen, so I like to offer these bowls and other small goods for home, kitchen and spirit as a way to connect with the people who support what I do. They are all finished with shop food safe finish I make myself as well out of all natural waxes and oils and produced domestically when possible, with a base of cosmetic grade beeswax.

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Trying to chronicle this journey in written form. More often than not these days Instagram is a better place for up-to-date information, but I like to journal about what projects or challenges I’m working on here. A big focus on woodworking technique, intention, and how the good life lives in harmony with a sustainable, spiritual life.


I’m @mt_zion - where I post almost daily about my projects, techniques, lessons and life

Project Gallery

Click on an image to see more. This is a variety of projects I have made as commissions from customers, for myself or for my partner, and all are examples of things I can be commissioned to make.